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Hello Everyone

I'm selling a beautiful  parcel island of  5120 m2 Land ,1757 prims.

The Layout is perfectly square so you can put your Business, Castle, Chalet or Multi Scene, whatever you wish.
The size is Almost 1/8 of a region (5 times a 1024 lot, or twice 2048 lot plus a 1024 lot or 10 times a linden home lot to give you an idea), the parcel is surrounded by protected land by Linden Waters

The uniqueness of this island is that thanks to the Blake Sea looks almost  double it's size so you can have more space, borders another region,will fit any big building like a Castle, Chalet, Club, Resorts etc.
Quiet Neighborhood, neighbors rarely show up, use it for whatever you want to use it, there's no covenant and is accessible from any side to the Linden Waters. 
Land will sell as a whole lot not divided, you can resell it and divide it if you wish after purchase. 
have a question?  send me an IM or  reply here.

Mainland for Sale: Othello Region

5120 m2 Area

1757  Land Impact/Prims

price $L30,000  OBO

How to claim the land? 

There are a few ways to claim the land.

The easiest is of course you just teleport there by pasting this link and just purchase the land!.


Go to the Marketplace where I have it listed and either just click the link  that says "See Item in Second Life" or 'Purchase' the item for 0L and you will receive a nicely mesh box as a bonus with the instructions to teleport to the island, while in my Marketplace take a look on the items most of them are full perm, there might be something you may like! ;).

Dragon States 1.png

Dragon States 2.png

Dragon States 3.png

Dragon States 4.png

Dragon States 5.png

Dragon States 6.png

Dragon States 7.png

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