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Miriam Chung

Affordable Parcel Rentals by Miriam Chung

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Parcel Rentals available at Miriam Chung Estates

Homestead parcels are usually for home use, store, and hangout (not club-like) use only.

For heavy use like club or breedables, please refer to this post below:


Homestead Parcels come in 5 sizes (Link to my website will be posted below according to land size.)

Zoning: Mixed (For home/store or for Both) , Residential (For home use only)

8,000 sqm -  http://www.anshex.com/second_life_land?last=weeklyl%24&estate=Miriam+Chung&type=Homestead&rating=&zoning=&size=8000-15999&prims=&position=&weeklyl%24=512-1023&texture=&language=&theme=&features=&single_estate=0&page=1

13,000 sqm http://www.anshex.com/second_life_land?last=prims&estate=Miriam+Chung&type=Homestead&rating=&zoning=&size=8000-15999&prims=512-1023&position=&weeklyl%24=1024-2047&texture=&language=&theme=&features=&single_estate=0&page=1

16,000 sqm http://www.anshex.com/second_life_land?last=weeklyl%24&estate=Miriam+Chung&type=Homestead&rating=&zoning=&size=16000-31999&prims=&position=&weeklyl%24=&texture=&language=&theme=&features=&single_estate=0&page=1

21,000 sqm http://www.anshex.com/second_life_land?last=weeklyl%24&estate=Miriam+Chung&type=Homestead&rating=&zoning=&size=16000-31999&prims=&position=&weeklyl%24=&texture=&language=&theme=&features=&single_estate=0&page=1 

32,000 sqm http://www.anshex.com/second_life_land?last=size&estate=Miriam+Chung&type=Homestead&rating=&zoning=&size=32000-63999&prims=&position=&weeklyl%24=&texture=&language=&theme=&features=&single_estate=0&page=1


Do you have questions for me? 

Please feel free to send me a message inworld, I am 24/7 online there ( Miriam Chung ).

You may also visit my office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miriam Chung Estates/90/125/29

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