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'Controlling' Physical Prims

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Hi All,

Next chapter in the scripting of my elevator. I have all the rest of the code written, though not tested yet (not getting a lot of in-world time). What I have left is how to script one specific scenario. While I built a good solid elevator, things fail now and then, particularly if people overload the elevator. So I have a check whilst the elevator is moving to see if there has been a malfunction. IF a malfunction occurs there are four things that could happen, listed below in order of likelihood:

  1. the elevator comes to a stop for a minute while the remote technicians get it going again.
  2. It falls a few meters, is stopped for a bit, and then goes to the bottom, being out-of-service until a technician (me) actually comes by to reset it (or an hour passes)
  3. It falls all the way to the bottom, but the emergency brake is able to stop it, again going out of service
  4. OR - Catastrophic Failure .. it falls and the brake does not stop it, it breaks off of the guide pole, and tumbles down the hill, ending up at a random angle with the doors broken and askew (note: this is an exterior elevator, not in an enclosed shaft, that travels up and down a pole using electromagnetic forces to move)

It is the fourth scenario that I am trying to figure out how best to have occur and code it. What I was thinking was that I could turn the elevator physical, and thus let the SL physics engine take care of it falling and tumbling. This though brings me to my questions.

  • I am imagining that the only way I can tell is it has stopped tumbling is with a timer event and llGetPos .. checking to see when it stops changing. Is there any other way that anyone can think of?
  • What I do not want is for it to tumble off my land (and onto the Linden Road). Not only because I do not want to block the road, but as well I do not want it returned to my inventory. So again I could be tracking its position or as well use llOverMyLand, though this would only tell me after the fact. What I want to do is stop it before it leaves. So my question is, if I track where it is, and somehow know when it is about to leave the parcel, would setting it's Physical to FALSE stop it in it's tracks?
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One idea that just came to mind for stopping the physical elevator tumbling, but not quite sure how/if it would work:

  • Put up some transparent walls along the parcel border. These would normally be phantom, but could turn solid/physical while the elevator is tumbling, so that they would stop it? Tend to remember that unless they are physical it would go through them, and would likely have to shore them up so that the elevator did not tip them over
  • Or the same idea, but only have them there to detect the collision from the elevator and then they could send a message to the elevator. That brings me back to the question though of how to stop the tumbling elevator.

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21 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

tart a timer when it falls, A reasonable time later, turn it non-physical.  All done.

Does that mean that turning it non-physical will stop it's tumbling .. i.e. freeze it in whatever location/position it is in at that instant?

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