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Escort Box ::: Oldschool Strippers who can emote :::

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29. November 2018 for 2019 Staff
                                    . : Hiring Now  : .
                                        Escort Box 
We are looking for staff, which staff you may ask? 
We hire Strippers / Dancer's / Escort who understand rate card's.
Do we request voice verification: No. Can you use voice : Yes
We do not require you to have an aboard: Yes we have them.
Make sure to add us to your pick's or landmark it to share. 

Simply join our group and request the tag preferred for the job you want to do, it really is that easy. 

We have payment teleport pads and have just built this space for female orientated avatars to use.

We do not require you to be voice verified we have voice open within our parcel for all to speak. 

IM LachyW Resident for the tags you would prefer to use and welcome to any Gentlemen interested

in this post. We want people who emote, as owner I do not mind people who afk but we are not a

afk sim. Yes it's a popular theme but I know first hand it's not very profitable, that's why we are going

to keep old school stripping around for the long run. We bring out club to you all to use for payment only 

guests, staff can attain the rules via in-world and get the idea of our FH: etiquette as it follows similar

rules of the real world adult entertainment industry. 

Visit Escort Box, as soon as you have the :: Friend$ ::: Ladies you can get to work on our equipment.

We do not hire men, we do hire shemales and Tgirls but not male orientated avatars.


Join here: secondlife:///app/group/0ac98f79-9b97-5c64-9263-a1983ddab45b/about

[ Note ] I probably won't have time to check back for replies so IM inworld XO

Thanks LachyW Resident 

Escort Box.jpg

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