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HELP! my avatar went from looking like this to looking like this...


her lips are HUGE and i've even tried playing with the edit my shape tool and the same for her eyes and whole body.

the picture with the club screen is the before, and by before i mean before she turned into a glowing green blob/cloud and wouldn't load.

i tried all the preferences for media and what not to get her to turn back to normal and that didn't work so i went and selected a base avatar in game (elizabeth) and had to start over, multiple times trying to get everything back the way it was pre-green blob cloud.


anyone have any suggestions on what i could do to make her look as close as possible if not the same as she was before?

i'm not opposed to buying things from the marketplace to achieve this either.

before :


after: (she looks so old and worn out)Snapshot_004.jpg

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I am guessing this is a shape problem. Since you have played with its shape settings, that suggests it is a mod-ok shape. But, since it isn't changing you need to be sure you are working with a mod-ok shape. You can do that opening the Appearance or Outfit editor. Selecting the Wearing Tab. Find your shape and right click to select Show Original. Once at the original click Properties and look at the You Can Modify setting.

I suggest you make a copy of the shape for a backup.

Before doing anything drastic or time consuming, teleport to a different region. Preferably deserted and empty (Pooley, Furball, etc.). Then relog using Last Location when you come back in. This alone may resolve the problem. If you have a no-mod shape, this is about all you can do.

Also, click Ctrl-9 and press escape (Esc) a couple of times. The point here is to remove any camera distortions that just make it LOOK different.

If not find another shape in inventory and wear it. Your appearance should change. Try changing your face. It should change. Revert to the shape you normally wear that is not right. Try changing your face now. It should change. If not we need to consider other possibilities.

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If at some point you failed to render...the "green blob cloud"...then it's possible that you simply wore the wrong shape.

Do you remember what you called the shape you normally wear?  (You DID save a copy of it, right???)  Find that shape and wear it.

If you don't remember the name of the shape, have you saved any Outfits while wearing it?  Put on one of those (use Replace Outfit).  Or find the link in the Outfit that points to your shape, and then find that item in your Inventory.

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