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Help! REAL simple (I think) rotation script.

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Hello.  I'm VERY new to scripting in SL and I'm trying to create a very simple "secret" dungeon-type stone door, but can't seem to find quite what I'm looking for.  Hope someone can help.

I'm trying to create a simple, 1 prim rotating door.  It's already set to accept a single sitter in a "pushing" position (with AVSitter) and makes the correct sound (4 seconds long) upon the avatar sitting.  The only thing I want it to do now...upon sitting as well....is rotate slowly (for 4 seconds in time with the sound), 180 degrees around the Z axis and stop.  Sounds pretty simple, but again, I'm totally new so I don't quite know what I'm looking for.

I'd appreciate any help.  Thank you!

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Take a look at the sticky thread at the top of this forum entitled Options for Scripting Doors.  There are many ways to script doors, depending on where they are, how you wish them to move, and how they may be triggered.  Slow-moving doors come in two flavors: (1) doors that use a combination of llTargetOmega and real physical rotation and (2) Doors that use llKeyframedMotion.  Neither is easy for a beginner to script, but you will see examples and discussion of both in that thread.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but I suspect that you'll be wanting to use the first option, since you will probably want to link the door to a structure of some kind.

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