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Palm View Academy

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Palm view Academy is a new Role play family friendly school for those wishing to role play the ages of 10 years up to 18 years of age! The school provides classes that are different then every day real life school classes and focuses more on skills you could actually use for second life.  We are looking for Students and Staff in all time zones. Our challenge is to continually communicate unique ideas so that we may continue to approach our jobs with passion and commitment. Apply today to better enrich your Second Life experience!

Palm View Academy Coming Late January of 2019!

For more information you can contact the principal Ryuni Helstein 

Or Email us at PalmViewAcademySL@Gmail.com

Join our info group in world:

Google Docs Sim Rules:

IC & OOC Rules:
Teachers Application:
Student Application:


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Hi. I'm always glad to see another school opening, especially one targeting older kids and teens. However, my timezone is very restrictive and I have yet to see a school capable of finding a teacher for it (since any kids wanting to attend class at that time would prefer to be a kid). As such, would you consider allowing student-teachers. I'd be interested in running roleplaying or building classes or a student club, but I'd like to do so with the child avatar I use more often and actually build and roleplay with. That would allow me to teach for any kids around at the same time, as well as still allow me (as a child avatar) to attend school. Do you think that's an idea you would entertain?

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On 1/17/2019 at 5:13 PM, TopShotMatt said:

well was interested in joining till seen no anime heads. Trying to find a sim to rp in but seems like everyone has stuff against the anime style. 

That's ok. The school closed before it opened.

As for the "no anime" thing, I think it's because a lot of modern sims are trying to be visually realistic. "Anime" tends to be really creepy looking (see the Battle ANgel movie trailer) and takes people out of the moment. However, I have seen dragons attend classes at PSE, so maybe you can look there.

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19 hours ago, Ramesh Singh said:

Acacia Falls does not have any rules about the anime type avi's.  Everyone is welcome

Does Acacia Falls have an active elementary school that allows students from outside the area?

I don't live in Acacia Falls but I used to when I first started Second life like back in April/May, but while I was there I never seemed to run into many people. That could also be due to my shyness and lack or really searching. 

I'd love to come back, though. Even if it is to only attend school using my child avi.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 737 days.

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