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Shapes and skins that look like the RL person at the keyboard?

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Is there any body in SecondLife who makes whole avatars that look like the REAL life person behind the keyboard? I saw someone had made famous people, was surprised to see Mads Mikkelsen (Danish Actor) in here, but anyone doing individual ones, like either foto realistic ones og "cartoonified" versions of individual people ???

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I have seen mesh statues in SL which look like real people. So, surely it would be possible to make mesh avatar looking like that too.
However I haven't seen any avatars that would resemble real people like those mesh statues do.

Here's an example, lots of real human looking mesh statues.
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA23/103/103/3596
(The young lady wearing the flower on her hair is an avatar, all others are mesh statues.)


There are some creators who make these real people mesh statues. Here's Marketplace link:

The thing what I don't is that does anybody make mesh avatars like these?

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But some people  "must" be doing it, just can't find out how to FIND them .....  like someone who can do cartoon-people or something .... I'd love an avi that looks like me ...  =  not a teenager but not a extreme OLD grand-mother ... why can't female avatars be   "ordinary"  and not like  "the prettiest thing on planet"

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