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angel4sky Shepherd

Black Friday Crazy Deal - Full Region for 12.000 L$ / w

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******** 20000 prims Full Prims normal sims ******** 

Purchase L$1, Tier is L$12.000 per week for the first 4 weeks
After 4 weeks the tier will be L$ 15.500 per week (or L$62.000 per 4 weeks or L$ 67.500 per calender month) 
Payment with PayPal is possible


* Full standalone sim, 65536 sqm, 20000 prims 
* Choose the terrain that you like from our collection for free 
* Estate Manager rights for 10 avatars
* Full rights including reselling the land 
* No covenant at all, you can put your own covenant after getting the land. 
* Tier to be paid to Payment panel in "Bell Estates"

        Bell BellEstates          (Owner)
        angel4sky Shepherd (Sales & Support)
        Hope87 Dreamscape      (Sales & Support)
        Aviva Sparta (Sales & Support)
        HimBaer Pfeffer (Sales & Support)
Bell Estates
250 Regions
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bell Estates/173/137/28

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