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Mazidox Linden

Deploy Plans for the week 2018-11-19

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Hello everyone! Apologies for the late deploy plans this week.

Today we rolled the latest RC to Second Life Server containing a new round of internal fixes. We're also updating the ongoing EEP Snack RC on Wednesday 2018-11-21 during the RC update window. None of the other RCs are slated for a roll during that time.

As always, if any region has reached 14 days of uptime, it will be restarted during the 7-10:30 AM PST RC update window.

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I am a little surprised to see LL using ninja editing power on this thread.  When I posted my comment about the lack of info on the roll, the post for the RC rolls to LeTigre and BlueSteel showed the original sever versions that HAD been destined for those channels.  Today I see the post has been altered to show the server version that WAS ultimately rolled, at in most cases, a second restart, with no indication that any edit had occurred!

Now just to forestall comment, I DID refresh my browser several times to be sure that the info I saw yesterday was correct so I know at the time of my post it WAS.

My post now would appear to be just plain ignorant, which it was not.

And viewer release notes for Main Server have STILL not been updated!


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clarification and additional text
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