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Depends what you mean by "FIND".

If you have the region name, type it into the World Map's Find or Search via web or browser using Places filter.

If you play GTFO there are various maps and systems for finding places, ports, airfields, wear houses, and rail heads.

Continents are named. Finding those names it a bit more difficult. One has to look for SL world maps on the web (SL sites) that show the names.

IF you use the web Destinations search for places, you can right-click the 'VISIT this location' and paste the SLURL into the location window in the top of the viewer or if things are set correctly on your computer just left-click to automatically open or send it to the location.

MievilleShelley/29/27/1038 should be able to be pasted into the top location window of the viewer. But, as typed it does not work. Open the world map and type MievilleShelley in the Find field. It gives not found. Type Mieville Shelley (note the space and it finds it. You can type 29, 27, 1038 in the fields near the teleport button.

/29/27/1038 = East, North, altitude...

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Hi BlueRose!

Maybe the easiest way is to use Search, the button with the magnifying glass icon.  Click the Places category and enter the name of the place you want to find.  The Classifieds category is useful too, for finding specific stores or stores with a specific type of product.  If looking in specific categories doesn't turn up the result you want, just set Search to "everything" and try again.

If all you know is the name of the region, you can use the World map (the button that looks like a folded map, or CTRL+M).  Enter the region name in the map legend's search box.

The Destinations guide is good for finding featured places in a wide range of categories.

If you find a product in the Marketplace and want to visit the creator's in world store, look for the link "See item in Second Life" at the bottom of the listing page.  Click that and a map will open in your web browser and ask if you want to visit this location.  This is a "SLURL", a Second Life URL.  If you click yes, your viewer will open up and log you in to that location.  If your viewer is already open, a landmark window will appear, with the option to teleport there.  Lots of Second Life blogs will include SLURL links to the places they mention.

If a friend is already at a place you want to visit, you can IM them and request a teleport offer.

Lots of places have created "Place Pages" with information about them, and links to teleport you to them.  Here's where you can browse those: https://places.secondlife.com/browse

Once you have arrived at a place, you might decide you'd like to be able to go there again.  Go to the World menu on your top menu bar, and choose "Landmark this place" or "Create Landmark Here".  This will create a landmark that will remain in your Inventory, in the Landmarks folder.  Double click a Landmark in inventory to teleport there.

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