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Are closed support tickets still looked at?

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I created a support ticket regarding a problem I was having with L$, but soon after I managed to resolve the issue inworld with the help of someone else. 

I was trying to work out how to 'delete' the ticket in some way, and so I clicked marked as closed. 

I then realized that I probably should have added a comment to the ticket saying I no longer needed help, before I closed it. When I closed it, the ticket's status had still been processing.

I created another ticket stating that I no longer needed help and that I had managed to sort out the issue. I then closed that one too. 

Do the helpers (not sure what to call them) still look at closed tickets, ones that have been closed by the resident themselves? 

I no longer need any intervention as I have managed to sort things out.

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I suspect that the support staff are relieved when a problem no longer needs attention, so if you mark a case a closed, they will just move on -- whether you provide an explanation or not.  There's always a bit of a backlog in a system like this because bad luck seems to come in waves instead of a nice steady stream.   You can usually expect that it will take a few days to address a support case unless it is either (a) incredibly easy to resolve with almost no work ("I forgot my password!  What do I do?") of (b) incredibly high priority ("All of the regions in this part of the grid are off line at once!").   One way support staff deal with backlog is to realize that a certain percentage of the problems that people report are user error.  They are one-time issues that will go away as soon as the user relogs or figures out that he made a silly mistake.  Many of those issues also clear up as users help each other.  That's why we have this Answers forum.  Support staff are probably relieved that you have solved the problem and saved them the trouble of doing it, and they thank you quietly for being kind enough to close the case.   No explanation necessary.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 603 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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