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HIRING SALES REPS at Cuore Alla Tante Photography!

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HIRING Sales Reps at Cuore Alla Tante Photography!
We are looking for talented and outgoing people to join our team!

You must be atleast 3 months old (91 days) to apply!
You must be professional about every situation!
You must be willing to dedicate 4 hours (at the least) to the studio each week! You can always work more!
You must join our staff discord group! If you don't have discord we highly recommend you create one!

If you fit these requirements try us out! We are always looking for new members for our awesome sauce team!
You, as a sales rep, will make 10% of each booking that you make! 
 Here's the application link! Good luck! 


- Assistant Manager @ Cuore Alla Tante Sierra Aeternus (sierrathevamp)

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