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Katsii Tennen

i have an NVIDA GEFORCE 1050 ti graphics card and SL ran beautifully on my new Dell GE 15 laptop when i first got it. Sound problems forced techs to reset the puter to factory which did not load properly and since then no inventory, groups, names on it


i had SL up and running beautifully on my new Dell GE 15 Laptop with Nvidia GEFORCE 1050 ti graphics card.  Then i ran into other problems (static) that the techs from Dell, in trying to troubleshoot did a reset to factory, which did not reload right (the problem turned out to be a bad motherboard which has since been replaced).  Some apps were left off.  The next guy did a complete update.  I have a list of the missing files.  Since then neither SL or Firestorm will load my inventory (folders yes, items no), I also have no groups, and names are gone...only UUID.  I still land in my nome and see all my rezzed items.  most stuff other than those are working.  EVerything works on my old Lenovo laptop with Win 8.1 and a much weaker graphics card.  It's all there.  I am in despair.  I've uninstalled, manually uninstalled everything in the directories...though not the directories themselves...done a clean install of SL viewer and nothing seems to work.  HELP?  do i 

still missing apps.PNG

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