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Asian male mesh head?

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you can make nearly every modern mesh head look asian, it's the skin that gives it the most needed accents.

Demo skins and demo heads  :)  you'll find it.

Often people don't respond for just a few reasons: they don't want to be copied / they get to many of these requests and... they'r not often online and spend their time preferably not on answering ;)

If i'm not wrong you can find asian looking skins at Clef de Peau, Not Found, Stray Dog .... and more if you look a bit further

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10 hours ago, BadKarma Frenzy said:

I am wondering if anyone knows and if not do you have any solid suggestions where i can get a detailed asian male look?

There is a lot more to making a good Asian face than just the skin. There are aspects (OP doesn't say if they are RL Asian or not, so this is for general knowledge): A flatter profile in the face; eyes are not set back so far into the skull, Usually a smaller nose and not as wide a darker heritage or as narrow as lighter heritage types, also the "eye fold" in the upper lid is almost not-existant.

The eye-fold it the real key to a good Asian look and there are appliers for Catwa (and Detailz skins has one for their skins, also) that will remove the upper eye -old (Eye shape is *not* as much a defining feature of Asian looks as people think, but rather a particular race: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. LOL)

There also are some pretty good Asina-looking skins for males, many seem to be best designed for Catwa Daniel head and I think I've seen a few male Asian mesh heads, too. But cannot remember where or who as I don't really shop for guy stuff. :)

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15 hours ago, BadKarma Frenzy said:

thanks for the awesome answers guys! I actually have been looking this has been my last last resort to see if anyone could guide me, I did get the catwa stuff but it's not the look I'm looking for so i think it's safe to assume those guys did some custom work on theirs lol

This is what came up when I searched market Place - Some mesh heads, some skin, some shapes, combinations...

https://bit.ly/2z8aPIQ (Marketplace search for :asian AND head AND male)

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Sorry this is a couple of months after the fact, but in case it helps someone, here's a sampling of Asian male shapes out there for CATWA Daniel from various creators that I found when researching for one avatar project.  Shapes are a great way to start in general, since the face is either done or something you can tweak a bit to get a look you want, and the style cards they generally come with will lead you to the right appliers and body possibilities to complete the look.


Starting with a head and applier and shaping the head yourself can also be done if you're talented, patient, or both, but depending on how skilled you are, plan on some time and trial and error to get it right.  Start with demo appliers and one or a few demo heads that are somewhat close to the final features (face structure, lips, eyes, nose, etc.) you want and play with the appearance settings to see what's possible with each head.  If you choose to do this, STRAY DOG, as DirtyLittleAngel69 recommends, has a selection of Asian male appliers for both CATWA and Lelutka heads, and all of them are excellent.  I recommend visit their in world store for a look.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 857 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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