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1/4 to 1/2 Sim size, ~5400+ Prims, Mainland, Waterfront, Moderate (or Adult)

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Good morning/evening,

Like in the description said.
The perfect fit would be:
1/4 or 1/2 Sim size
Adult or Moderated
Waterfront access to sailing
Prim count around 5400 or higher if possible.
Buy or rent possible (if the prize is reasonable of course)



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Hello. I am the manager for Landa Rentals. We have the property you are looking for. I have sent you an IM inworld with my personal email address so you can contact me when it is convenient.

Annabell Wandsworth

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Hi Fantasmorie,

I own a property by sailable water, it is just over 16,000 sqm and 5,800 prims and it is quite beautiful.

Apart from the sale signs, I have not yet officially put it for sale because I didn't want to have all of my objects returned in one big lump. Once a serious buyer is found, I will put the land for sale just for them.

I am will to sell it for L$ 75,000 (down from L$ 80,000) and you can decide if you might want some of my objects (especially the ones related to landscaping).

If you look under mainland for sale, you will see my post also just a few listings down and there are pictures there too.

My IMs go to my email if I am not online.

Enclosed is the landmark and available to be viewed anytime.


Helene Diplomat

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