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14999L$ /Week Rentals by Miriam Chung

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Full Prim Sims  available for rental, Rent yours now!

Limited sims available, Most are currently taken. First to rent the sim gets it, We do not do reservation since they are fast to get rented.


Land size: 65536 sqm

Prims: 20,000 (FP20) and 30,000 (FP30)

Maximum number of Estate Managers: 10

Price per week: 14999L$ per week (FP20) and 16999 L$ per week (FP30)

( Price may change, Please do check our Marketplace Ad since this one is always updated. Link below.)



Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Is there a waiting time to activate estate rights after paying the first week/month's rent?

- No, you get your estate rights activated right after you pay the rent

2.) When is the rent due?

- This depends on your payment, if you pay your first rent by one week.. Your due date will be the same day and time you paid the rent. (Example: Monday 7pm you paid the rent, that means your rent is due next week Monday 7pm as well)

3.) Do you custom landscape for tenants?

- Unfortunately, we do not do custom landscaping. Our tenants usually get their own landscapers or buys a RAW file from Marketplace or used our pre-made terrain RAW files on their sim and decorate it on their own according to their preference. As tenants have full rights over landscaping and decorating.

4.) What comes with Estate rights?

- Please refer to for complete list http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Estate_Manager

5.) Do you accept sim rename, attaching a sim to another sim?

- Yes, this will be discussed further inworld (Please send me a message inworld - Miriam Chung)

6.) Are your sims empty or landscaped?

- This is related to #3 question. Our sims are usually empty but since we have themes exclusively to Anshe Chung tenants, you may see some that have themes on them like Beach, Forest, etc. 

7.) Are you always online for questions or concerns?

- Yes, 24/7. 

8.) Do you have whole sim rentals only? Or do  you have portions or parcel rentals too?

- We have parcel rentals too. From smallest to biggest, we have. Either for home use, clubs, store, breedables, RP, --everything. We got it all!

Whole Homestead sim rentals available too.


Your question is still unanswered? Please feel free to send me a message inworld, I am 24/7 online there.

You may also visit my office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miriam Chung Estates/90/125/29

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1028 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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