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Is there a trick or proper way for me to select a new avatar?  I selected one at sign up.  Clicked the avatar menu, scrolled through the different categories, clicked on one and did not change .. clicked a second one, and it changed.  Before leaving the welcome I selected a new avatar.  Clicked the 'select', watched the avatar process the selection, but no change.  No change, no new cloths in my list, teleported to a few locations, no change, clicked the avatar selection again, still am unable to get a new look.  (Reset the viewer, cleared my cache, reinstalled the viewer..) Still am unchanged.  Any suggestions or solutions would help me enjoy all the cool other things I see In-World. Thank you for the consideration

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Someone else posted about having a problem with this, so it might be that SL is having some technical difficulties at the moment.

In addition to simply being patient, here is some advice.

  • Don't clear your cache for this problem.  Clearing cache used to be the go-to fix for most problems, but these days it really only helps with some inventory issues. 
  • Don't reinstall the viewer.  This clears your cache, and also clears out all your Preference settings, if you've done a "clean install".
  • DO log out, unplug your internet modem/router.  Wait a couple of minutes, then plug it back in and let it reboot.  This can often clear up problems with your internet connection.
  • Try putting on a different avatar using the following method(s):
    • Open your Inventory (CTRL+I, or the button with a suitcase symbol)
    • Browse to the folder Library\Clothing\Initial Outfits.  Each folder there is a complete avatar.
    • Drag one of the avatar folders and drop it onto your avatar.  Wait a minute or so.  If that doesn't work, then
    • Right click the folder and choose Replace Current Outfit.  If that doesn't work, then
      • Create a new inventory folder in the main section of your inventory
      • Go back to the avatar folder in Library\Clothing\Initial Outfits.  Right click the folder, choose Copy.  Then scroll back up to the main section of your Inventory, open the new folder you made, select Paste.
      • Right click the newly-populated folder and choose Replace Current Outfit.  If THAT doesn't work, then
    • Put the Advanced and the Developer menus on your top menu bar, by hitting CTRL+ALT+D, and then CTRL+ALT+Q.
    • Go to the Developer menu and find the item Avatar\Avatar Tests\Test Male (or Test Female).  That should put on a very basic avatar.  From there, go back to Library\Clothing\Initial Outfits and try to put on one of the starter avatars again.
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Thank you for the different methods to try .. Now I'll give it patience and try again later to see if it's technical issues needing a fix ?

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