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Fully furnished cottage [Winter Theme)


Inside you will get:
✿ Small Room with Vanity 
✿ Kitchen with dining room 
✿ Stairs 
✿ Bedroom 
✿ Winter Garden 
✿ Veranda


[Autumn Theme also available]



Other availabilities --> Beach Houses, Beach Huts, Bungalows, Boat Houses, Hillside Houses, Caravans and Skyboxes


*Beach Houses - 400 Prims/L$600 a week

* Beach Huts - 100 Prims/L$100 a week

* Bungalows - 200 Prims/L$200 a week

* Boat Houses - 100 Prims/L$150 a week (FURNISHED)

* Caravans - 30 Prims/L$30 a week

* Hillside Houses - 200 Prims/L$300 a week

* Skyboxes - 100 Prims/L$150 a week (FURNISHED)

* Skyboxes - 300 Prims/L$450 a week

* Standalone Island - 800 Prims/L$1100 a week 


*Can remove furniture upon request*
*Additional prims may be purchased based on availability*

*Rental mapper with available rentals located at landing point*


Autumn Cottage_001.png

Winter Cottage_002.png


toronto_heights (2).jpg


Impact Skybox_002.png

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