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Question about collisions and attachment

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Hello, current trying to script an attachment, i do not fond a way to address two issues:

1) how Can i do a people Can sit on an already worn attachment.

2) how to avoid collision and conflicts between two avatars on order that both could share the same volume (ie. One avi could appear or be hidden inside another one).

May someone know how to address these issues? On full Perm script... I ve Heard about some items with docs that allow 1), but never round this and on doubt that scripts could be full perm; sont not usable on own design items.

Please to let me know whenever there are some scripting solution.


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You cannot sit on worn attachments.

You cannot disable collisions between avatars.

You can create an object (vehicle) that allows two avatars to sit on it, then move one avatar inside the other. If you want the avatars to be able to move, you must script the movement.

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The closest appearance to an avatar sitting on an attachment you can create is to attach an Animesh character.

Having an avatar sit on a object with volume detect mode active and having them use a standing animation is the closest appearance to a standing avatar not colliding with another standing avatar you can create.

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