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Available For Rent - 1/8 Parcels

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.:: Welcome to Alan W. Real Estate ::.

Alan W. Real Estates founded on 2016™ has rented over 600+ Parcels, we've made happy over 6,000+ Tenants and we've rented over 1,200,000+ Prims during the years. We have one of the most affordable prices in Second Life and we're very flexible when comes to paying your rental, renting a parcels and the amount of prims you're looking for.

If we don't have something you're looking for you can always contact us and let us know and we will make sure your wish will be made! 

Available For Rent - 1/8

SQM: 1/8; PRIMS: 2500; 2750 L$/W

SQM: 1/8; PRIMS: 3996; 4000 L$/W

SQM: 1/8; PRIMS: 2500; 2500 L$/W


Visit our Office Today:

Alan W. Real Estates - Office

For more of what's available visit:

Alan W. Real Estates - Available For Rent

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