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Unable to load new Mesh Body on, old legs remain



I am having an issue loading a new mesh body. I have followed the instructions on how too by removing everything and then putting on the 'alpha' stuff but my old legs remain. This causes a problem when I continue to then apply all the other 'bits'.... spent the whole day trying to work out what is going on instead of buying pretty dresses ? I have attached a couple of screen shots to highlight the issue. 

Pic 1 - Apparently all that should be showing is my head.... its not. 

Pic 2 - You can see where the old legs are conflicting with the new ones. 

Any help would be terrific as I want to make sure I get this right before I go shopping for nice dresses. 



Pic 2_001.png

Pic 1_001.png

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If you're naked, when adding the 'Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha' everything should disappear except for your head and eyes.

I suspect the  'Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha' you are using is either faulty, or has been mistakenly adjusted.

What I would do is go back to the Maitraya store and get a redelivery.

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