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Looking for a decent shape/skin.

Rothtan Mills

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Hi there,

Hopefully someone might help.

1. Could anyone recommend a large/tall/strong/dominant looking male shape? I’m not looking for a muscle builder type, just a shape that is solid/well built with good arm /leg proportions.

2. I currently have a catwa head and signature body with an avenge skin, could anyone recommend a good looking skin for a mid-30’s male, again quite well built looking with strong facial features, (jaw line etc)  I’d like him to have a substantial beard also, only decent place I can find beards is at Volkstone currently.

Very much appreciated if anyone could give advice. ??



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6 hours ago, AnyaJurelle said:

*Skell Dagger to aisle 9 please; Skell Dagger to aisle 9*

/me skids around the corner with the clean-up kit ;)

Couple of questions first, Rothtan:

1. Which Catwa head do you have? If it's one of the Bento ones (Daniel, Stanley, Shaheen, Dino, Victor, or Skell) then the shape that you choose/make will affect it. If it's non-Bento (Justin, Jackson, Paul) then it won't.

2. What kind of beard are you looking for? Applier only or 3D in shape? 3D beards are mainly only for Bento heads (although they do exist for non-Bento), so if you choose one of those you need to find one that's rigged specifically for your head.

The below will be written under the assumption that you have a Bento head, and that your Signature body is Gianni (and not Geralt) -

With regard to shapes, the best one you can get is the one you make yourself. It will be unique to you, and it will be exactly as you want it. That said, it's always helpful to have a good base shape to begin tweaking so you can customise it to your preference. Unfortunately, most male Bento shapes these days are sold without demos, so you can only go by what the ad image looks like. That will only show you the face, and your personal results may vary wildly from that image, depending on which skin you use, and what other appliers you wear (brows, facial hair, etc).

I have personally had some very disappointing results from shape and skin applier combinations from certain stores in SL. Even when wearing everything on their style card my result looks nothing like theirs, and I'm no slouch when it comes to lighting tips and tricks, so it's obvious to me that - in the case of that particular store, at least - some post-processing/Photoshop was involved.

What I will suggest is to start with your own shape. There's one in your Catwa Bento head folder, so take yourself to Proportion Park (run by two of my fellow Catwa CSRs) and go through the areas there, to bring yourself into proportion. If you're wearing Signature Gianni then you're already halfway towards the 'large and strong' that you require, although I will say that 'dominant' is more a state of mind than a shape.

With regard to skins, many will recommend Stray Dog. I will, too, but be careful with their most recent skins (the last two or three releases that went out at various menswear events). I've noticed some uncharacteristic (for that designer) sloppiness in the texturing around the neck on those, so look for the slightly older skins. Many of them will work well for a mid-30s age; look for ones with small furrows between the brows. Session Skins also have more mature skins, although those might be a little too furrowed for what you're seeking.

Other skin stores to try: Birth, L'Etre, Not Found, Vendetta, and Aeros (although that last one is very expensive when it comes to body skin appliers: L$900 for a single skin tone the last time I checked).

Facial hair, again, depends on whether you want appliers or actual 3D beards. Volkstone have a fantastic 3D Bento beard out at the current Man Cave event (ends Nov 9th, so you've got until this Friday to try it out; item screenshot here). It's rigged for Catwa Daniel, Stanley, Victor, and Skell, and also for Lelutka Andrea. I don't really keep up with the stores who sell 3D Bento beards, because they simply don't suit me. Despite trying several of them, they're just not for me, but some of the other guys on the forum wear them and may be able to tell you where you can pick up some demos.

If you're after facial hair appliers, though, I do have some other names for you in addition to Volkstone. Mister Razzor (inworld only) has been coming out with some amazing beards. Also try Beusame, Body Mod, CDC Creations, and the 'Faces' section at Identity Body Shop.

I'm heading out to work shortly, but I hope that helps you get started. I can answer any other questions you might have when I get home later tonight :)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1051 days.

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