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Threadripper & Radeon Pro Duo

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I was all excited... I thought I built a nearly perfect machine for SL but my frame rate totally is well.... poopy (2.8)


CPU = AMD Threadripper

GPU = Radeon Pro Duo (2 x 16BG) 

MB = Aorus X399 Gaming 7

RAM = Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB


I crank ALL my settings to MAX... expecting to be able to process this without a problem.  To max out everything across the board, what am I missing?  Just want my framerate up now without losing any quality. Is it the RAM, or a setting I need to adjust elsewhere?                      


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SL relies on single thread performance and doesn't utilize multiple GPUs outside of a few older dual gpu cards where you can force a universal crossfire profile (and it's really unstable when you do so).

Threadripper is all about the core count, but the individual cores themselves aren't that impressive. For multi threaded applications threadripper will do phenomenally well, but not in something like SL. The 1950x is only slightly faster than my now 4 year old (5?) Haswell i5 4570 when it comes to single thread performance.

The Vega Radeon pro duo performs like two RX 470's with better video memory, but you'll only be using one so you basically have an RX 470 with a lot of video memory. SL doesn't use a lot of video memory and the RX 470 performs between a 1050ti and 3gb 1060, though closer to the 1060. Graphically it'll do it fine but your CPU is where the issue lies.

Basically you have the worst possible New high end PC for SL. For just about anything else it's god tier but SL won't use the majority of that hardware to its full potential. 

You should still be seeing fairly decent frame rates in 1080p even with a bunch of people around. I usually run maxed and in most more complex places get 30fps with my i5 and GTX 970. More people can drop that to around 15 at the minimum.

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