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Ninah Puchkina

SAT 11/3: Mysteries of UB no. 35 LIVE VIDEO Watch Party / NOISE-EXPERIMENTAL-DRONE + The Residents 1 Minute Movies!

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COMING UP Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
11am-2pm SLT / 18.00-21.00 GMT / 19.00-22.00 CET

MYSTERIES of UB experimental TEE VEE
live video watch party / NOISE-DRONE-EXPERIMENTAL
Come hang out inworld for the screening & enjoy the atmosphere at Autonomous Media Playground 
with optimized multimedia screens viewable with SL + Firestorm viewers.

LOCATION / SLURL: https://app/region/Sinfro/203/239/100

featured sound artists:
& BIG CITY ORCHESTRAE http://ubuibi.org/

with all new HYPNO-IMMERSIVE VIDEO by uBmonkey
+ weird & strange film shorts! (including The Residents' 1-Minute Movies and more...)

The film length is 2 hours from start to finish. Screenings are broadcast LIVE in realtime 
using our own video stream. We also show a few weird & strange film shorts before showtime.

SL AUDIENCE: we encourage you to participate in the environment- particle attachments and 
spontaneous movements (dance, floating, spinning, etc) the theater has space to move freely around... 
and unlike cinema spaces in real life, in the virtual space open chat is welcomed.

check out pics of past virtual MOU events here.


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