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...Okay, I have tried this post in the regular wanted section and somehow it got moved to the answer section... but I didn't see this particular part of the forum until now... and I'm thinking my request might work better here...


? If you are thinking of abandoning your sim, or know anyone who is, pretty please let me know.  My goal is to add a place in my profile picks section, that will eventually turn into a "Loading..."?


I promise I am not trying to be rude or anything...  I just think it's cool to have that "Loading..." feature in the picks because, if I really like a place... I put it in my blog, and then I put links in that "Loading..." profile spot to the different blog posts about MANY different places - not just 10!  I put all the proper pix and links and descriptions + more stuff like Destination Guide stuff in the blog posts (the picks section is limited on how many characters you can put in there, a blog isn't).   

And truth be told, the "Loading..." thing is personal... it makes me feel like I present myself as well traveled and, well, old, like my account is  ...Because the current 2 "Loading..." spots I have in there now are actually from places I loved back in the day, that are unfortunately gone now.  I realize half the fun is finding these places by myself... but I was just curious if anyone else was on the same wavelength and would be willing to help me out.

Just an idea - In return, I would be willing to make a special link to my blog about you and/or your place and how you helped me out with this odd request, if you would like.  ...So that way, if it's a case of something like you needing to leave SL, but wanting your awesomeness to be immortalized, I promise I will be good and tell ppl about you.  ...And BTW, for the record, one of my current "Loading..." places was this awesome Africa place where you could see animals and play drums.  I had no idea that it was even possible for a place to disappear from SL back then, otherwise, I would have more information to share with you now.


Thank you!

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