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I've had my second life account for 3 months but just recently started using it like yesterday. well today i got on and as i started play i noticed that now whenever i touch my avatar with my mouse or go to unbox anything it shows the camera movement crosshairs; so then i cant open the box. can anyone help me with making this go away? (i tried clicking esc, and ctrl 9) ☹️

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I can't tell from your post, but are you in Mouse-Look (first person view)? 

Press 'm' to toggle in an out of mouse-look. Pressing ESC should also take you out of mouse-look and so should the scroll wheel.

For future reference, this is a question best posted in the ANSWERS section of the forum. You can search Answers and often find your question already answered.

When asking a tech question include information about your viewer and computer. We can give a better answer. Use the viewer's Help->About... to gather the info to paste in with your question.

There are uncountable versions of the viewer and over a half dozen brands of view. Viewers running on Mac and Windows do things differently.

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