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Since the Best Of Second Life Awards ended in 2016, there are few places for us all to discover curated user generated people, places or things in SL... so, let’s change that ?

Please list or nominate what you love or are your favorite things in SL and votes will be complied by your likes! Easy!

Feel free to nominate anything or anybody you like and tell us why... even post pics. Nominate and vote as much as you like and let’s see how this goes through the end of this year...  we will compile votes and post winners in Jan.

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On 10/22/2018 at 1:24 AM, Saravendi said:


Angelina String turned me onto Coco...It was very bad for me to know that this store exists... This is one, of about six new outfits from them I just bought. Probably needing to get a bank loan and then I will return..soon!

Thx Angelina:)


My first nomination  How Does Your Avatar Look Today” Forum topic...

The above post is from that forum - love this topic and everyone who contributes!

~ Sara

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