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"Touch recording" script wanted

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I am looking for a free or cheap script that will remember the sequence in which linked prims are touched. The reason I need this,  is so that I can make a musical instrument that doesn't include songs,  but the ability to create your own. 


There would be a dialog menu that pops up when you click the root prim. It asks you if you would like to record,  or record with a loop,  And if you choose option 1 you touch all the strings in the order you want them to play in,  hit finish in the dialog menu,  and it will play once.  If you chose option 2, then the recorded sequence will play in a loop until you hit "stop" on the dialog menu. 


An extra thing I would like is the option to save your favorite sequences into a memory bank that has 10 slots.  So you can easily switch to different sequences,  allowing you to make a completely custom song. 

[Edit]: I would also like for sequences to be stored in notecards, along with a variable that sets the length of each note, so that the user can determine how long each note in their sequence will be. Defaulted to a whole note.

This is for a prim object in which each string is a separate prim,  that contains its own sound in its contents. 

So there needs to be communication between the linked prims and the root prim in order for this to work.. 


I am willing to pay for a script that does its job well. 

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more information is required

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The part about simply recording the sequence that linked prims are touched can be simple and cheap, but the overall solution that you are asking for is not. Getting a 'free or cheap' highly custom script is basically asking a scripter to spend hours coding to your specification for no recompense.

What you are asking for is doable, with the exception of the storing to a notecard, scripts cannot write to notecards so there would have to me a manual step to copy output to a card. But this will take a number of hours of work, and remember that L$250 = 1 USD, so take that into accunt when considering what you are willing to/expect to pay for this custom script job.

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