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The realm of Mochikomi Shin Jidai

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?Hello, I am a Celestial Kitsune living in the mortal realm. I fox about on second life either as a Human, elf or degree of furry due to my shape-shifting powers!?
?My name is Mochikomi Shin Jidai but you may call me Mochi for short. I am an avid roleplay as well as a Playmate/Model for hire. ?
? I like Boys and Girls and all in-between due to my shape-shifting I can gender bend, thus foxy can have fun with everyone! ?

I decided to reach out to the forums as well to see if anyone would like to meet this foxxy for some fun! Who knows what could happen! I shall preface that I am not looking for any rl relationships but more so looking to meet more people share interests and likes and maybe get hired for my many talents for those interested.

I will be watching this thread So feel free to reply here too.


My Flicker

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