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anyone know of a rodeo script?

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I'm trying to make a script for a rodeo game, so random movement (rotation wise) on a random timer to stop animation and make the avatar stand, i just dont know where to start on this one as never done a timer let alone a random timer before >.< 


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Take a look at llFrand http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlFrand.

Let's say you want to ensure the animation runs for at least 10 seconds and, at most, 20.    You might then use

llSetTimerEvent(10.0 + llFrand(10.0);

In fact, that means it will run for at least 10 seconds and at most 19.999999 (I think that's the correct number of decimal points).   It will run for a tiny fraction less that 20 seconds, anyway.   Start the animation and then use that start the timer.

Then, in the timer event, you simply stop the timer -- llSetTimerEvent(0.0); -- and then set about stopping the animation and making the avatar stand up.

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