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Mog Munster

Post your RP character

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This is a thread for your roleplay characters.  It can be urban, futuristic, medieval, fantasy, etc.

Post a picture of your character and his/her profile! :smileyvery-happy:

I know that this maybe difficult for adult RPs, but lets keep it PG. :smileysurprised:

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Glass (^_^)


A doll is as alive as her keeper believes she is.

Glass was made in an abandoned potter's store by a lonely young girl who aspired to be a dollmaker.  She was the first.  As time went by, the girl did achieve success and with Glass as her only companion in the apartment above the store.  The details of the girl's life and eventual disappearance were lost in time though what remained was some of the most artful pottery in the region and Glass.  

People feared the apartment was haunted for decades with evidence of late night noises and often a lit candle near the window.  Eventualy the day came when the shop's door was found to be open and there was a doll found standing in front of the local cafe.  Her porcelain face and crystal movement reminded the elder locals of the stories they told their children about the young girl and the pottery store.  Her once vibrant colours have faded to all but nothing over time, leaving her nearly pure white.  An eroded crack is forming just beyond her left eye, indicating she has moved or been moved in the past.  She just stood there, looking in the door of the cafe, as though she expected something or someone to come out.

Since that day, the cafe owner has taken in Glass to rest among her collection of dolls from around the world.  But, she doesn't seem to rest.  She often found somewhere in the hall or even half way down the stairs.  Once in a while she succeeds in getting out of the house.  If you ever find her out and about, chat with her.  She may tell you the rest of her story.



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That is a very interesting character.  And unique!

I think I am too impatient to roleplay a doll character (probably break him/her in an hour or two).

Where do you roleplay as her?

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Hello my name is lilb

and i am going to be getting a roleplay sim hopefully soon and i would like to know what u guys want so if u have any ideas please let me know also im looking for someone who wants to be a sim owner just contact me in world Lilb11214 or lilb Summers thanks


-Lilb Summers (Lilb11214)

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Just about anywhere, actually.  She'd appear in Caledon once in a while.  Some of the doll community sims.  If there's a victorian, steampunk, or doll theme... Odds are she's shown up at one time. (^_^)y



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Kurama Bingyi
Thoram (Anthrokind) - A spacefaring race from an unknown star system within the Milky Way Galaxy, the Thoram have a history of conflict and strife. However, they have always striven forward with limitless thinking, eventually even setting their sights on the stars, themselves. The Anthrokind are exactly what they sound like - anthropomorphic humanoids. Their races vary greatly within the species, but all are equal and un-prejudiced.
Vulpes (Red Fox)
Homeworld: Thoramin - A world that serves as the primary home of the Thoram. Thoramin is as beatiful and magnificent as it is mysterious, with only a single supercontinent placed in the "exact-center" of its equator and what could be considered the "prime meridian." There are several cities, but none so massive and imposing as the capitol of the species - Drekkosath. The city is composed of three layers, from top to bottom: The Spire is the seat of government and the residental/commercial district of the considered-nobility and high-ranking officials. As the name suggests, the section is composed of a massive spire that is placed in the direct center of the city, with a base of over three miles. The Middle is the center of entertainment and commerce of the city, serving as the home to the common anthro. The Underlevel is thought to be the sewage of the city, but is instead an intricate and backwater community of low-lifes and misfits; a home of crime and poverty, where the residents must find their own way through the world, or risk losing their own lives.

There is also a massive platform hovering above the atmosphere of Thoramin. It is a naval docking yard, and the home to the Thoramin Space-Naval Corps; where its central training grounds, and Officers' Flight School, is located. Marines, however, are trained in the heavily-guarded compound in the Underlevel.
Bio: Kurama Bingyi was born as the son of a "street-worker," and was kept away from his mothers' business (until a later age) as best as she could allow. At the age of eight (considered the beginning of puberty for the Thoram) he was forced into a gang, where he took part in the "usual going-ons" of the underworld. When Kurama turned eighteen, he was put out for a hit until he was deemed protected by the TSNC, enlisted into the Marines and sent immediately for training.

The beginning of his enlisted career began with the Chimaeran Rebellion - a struggle against a splinter faction that broke away from the Thoramin government, after kidnapping a very high-ranking official. He was stationed on the newest ship of the line, the Command-Battleship TNS Lancer, and was sent to quell the rebellion before it got out of hand, and to ensure that the aforementioned official would not be harmed. Eventually, the rebellion was put down and its members were incarcerated - and some even executed for crimes beyond the rebellion. Kurama continued to serve on the Lancer, making acquaintances and friends easily with the crew - the most notable and lasting friendship he would never forget with the ship's executive officer, Captain Ulysses Reedshaw. First Admiral Ensen Baynes - the commanding officer of the Fourth Fleet - was also in direct command of the Lancer, as was called by the structure of the armada. (The First Admiral of each fleet is required to be on board his designated vessel unless visiting and inspecting other ships of his fleet) However, a raid against the ship during one of its patrol left Baynes killed and on the floor. At this point, Kurama Bingyi had already proven himself a capable leader, and so was catapulted to First Lieutenant. Kurama aided in pulling the ship out of danger, and Captain Reedshaw noted his efforts and sent it to High Command. Temporarily, Reedshaw was placed in a reluctant command over the Fourth Fleet.

Kurama would soon prove that he was more than capable of taking that role, as well.

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Around 1890 a baby girl was born in Scheveningen, a fishing town by the Dutch coast.
She grew up in a working class family that was mostly involved in the fishing industry but her father borrowed money to take his family away from this harsh life and managed to start a tobacco shop.
Jo was taken out of school as a young girl to help her father behind the counter.
She enjoyed the shop but was frustrated that she was not allowed to educate herself more.
Every spare minute was spend reading newspapers and chatting to the sailors, seamen, fishermen and tourists who came to the shop.
She had a talent for languages and soon picked up English, German and a few words of French.
In 1910 a sailor entered the shop, his name was Karl Yardley, his great-grandfather was a Englishman who moved to Germany decades ago, thus the strange last name.

Karl appeared to be a heavy smoker, he visited the shop almost every day to buy more cigarettes.
Jo loved chatting to him to improve her German but soon she looked forward to his visits for another reason, she was falling for the charming handsome young man in his fancy uniform.
Karl soon confessed that he didn't smoke much at all but just kept buying cigarettes so he could see the pretty Dutch girl again.

Jo her father was not very happy with Karl, he wanted a better life for his daughter then a sailors girl.
He knew the reputation sailors have and was suspicious of Karl, would Jo become one of those famous 'girl in each harbour'?
It took Karl a lot of effort and long evenings of talking to get Jo's father his permission to take her out.

Karl courted Jo and it didn't take long for the two to fall in love with each other.
When Jo's father heard that Karl actually missed his ship and thus lost his job, he realised that they were really in love.
Still he wouldn't let him get engaged with her until he found another job.
Luckily the next ship back to Germany needed a sailor and before his ship left he asked Jo to marry him.

When Karl went back to Germany he kept his word, he send money to Jo so she could follow him.
She said goodbye to her family and town, probably for ever, and sailed after her fiancee.

Karl found a new job and little apartment in Berlin and when Jo came after him they soon got married.
Life was not easy, Karl worked a lot and Jo was alone a lot, she needed to improve her German quickly and it took some time for her neighbours to accept her.
But eventually the couple settled down and feel at home in the backstreets.

They have one baby, a boy they decided to call Heinrich, sadly the little child died after a few weeks.
A traumatic event only helped by the fact that this was a common thing, many children died young.

In 1914 war breaks out and Karl is send to the army although he wanted to be a sailor.
He is part of the 2. Armee Oberkommando (2nd Army), the 99Regiment.
This unit fought on the Western Front and took part in the Schlieffen Plan offensive against France and Belgium in August 1914. Commanded by General Karl von Bülow, the 2nd Army's mission was to support the 1st Army (Germany)'s sweep around the left flank of the French Army and encircle Paris, bringing a rapid conclusion to the war. The 2nd Army laid siege to, and took the Belgian fortresses around Namur, and fought General Charles Lanrezac's French 5th Army at the Battle of Charleroi on August 23-24, 1914 and again at St. Quentin on August 29-30, 1914.

A large proportion of the Army would be wiped out during the joint Anglo-French offensive on the Somme.

Karl was one of the men who died

For a while it was very hard to survive, a few dark years followed.
Jo had no income and could no longer pay the rent, she was depressed, homeless and heart broken.
She got lost, did whatever it took to make money and find a place to sleep.
A time she has tried to forget and does not want to be remembered of.

A man living in the neighbourhood behind Alexanderplatz felt sorry for her and offered her a job in his sweatshop where women spend day and night making cheap clothing.
The workshop is in a basement under the apartment where the man lives.
Jo has to work hard but is glad to be off the street, the man lets her sleep there as well.
It soon becomes clear that the man has certain intentions with Jo, when he one day tells her how he feels Jo tells him she is not interested.
She is scared and expects the man to fire her or even assault her there and then.
Luckily the old man is a gentleman and accepts that Jo is not interested.
Happy and relieved she is allowed to stay there.

Once this delicate matter is taken care off and both Jo and the old man realise that there never will be any kind of romantic relationship, they actually become better friends.
They spend more time together, Jo cooks for him now and then and after work is done they often spend hours chatting and drinking schnapps.
Of course everyone in the neighbourhood gossips about the old man and the Dutch young war widow but nothing ever happens.
The old man now sees Jo more like a daughter.

Then the depression strikes.
Hyperinflation, destruction of economy, riots in the streets, and even more poverty.
The old man becomes very sick and Jo looks after him, her only friend, till he dies.
She is already packing her bags, expecting to be out on the streets again when she is told that the old man left her his sweatshop and apartment.
Sadly the bad state of the economy has destroyed the clothing industry and Jo has no idea how to manage the workshop.

She decides to trade the sewing machines, fabric and clothing with the people in her neighbourhood in exchange for their work.
People bring her chairs, tables, artists paint on the walls to get some new trousers, a stage is build by a carpenter who needs a new sewing machine for his wife, etc.
They have to help her turn the old workshop into a Tanzlokal.
Against all odds she succeeds.
And while Berlin is feeling the depression, shops are closing and people are totally running out of money, Jo manages to open up a bar.
'Der Keller' opens.

And there she is, in her late 30s but with a old scarred and damaged soul.
She is older then most people who come to the bar, the place has become the spot where hip, modern and bohemian artists, chorus girls, prostitutes and sailors hang out.
This modern world is too modern for Jo, she doesn't get the freedom, the short skirts, the girls being like boys, the men being like girls, the negro music, it is all too much for her.
She enjoys watching this exciting new world from the sidelines though.
But secretly she dreams of the village by the sea or a cottage in the woods somewhere.


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Well Captain Edwyn's bio can be found here: https://my.secondlife.com/captain.edwyn


As for looks, well that changes a lot as well as gender. Depends where Captain Edwyn goes and what's happening. Man, Woman, Werewolf (as seen on profile page) or robot, whatever. I make skins and stuff sometimes so I may as well use them. Here is one of my favorites:

Custom skin: Brenee the Gothic Pirate Chick.

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Doxie is the daughter of Elizabeth and Gunari Domenici. A female werewolf and a Carpathian Hunter, making her half werewolf and half Carpathian. Two of the strongest species known to their kind. She has one older brother, Vladimir, that was born about 250 years before her. But being what they are, it is still considered young among them and they grew up being close and learning together, their minds absorbing everything that was taught to them, that they saw around them.


Where Vlad was born in Bucovina, Doxie was born in the Americas, and learned a bit of the American Female indepence, much to her brother and fathers chagrin. She was already a bit wild, because of the werewolf half of her. But this independence only grew, as they moved city to city. Vlad was always having to chase her down and urge her back home, Doxie only giving in once Vlad promised to teach her some of the training that their father gave to him. She wanted to know how to protect herself. And as close as they were, Vlad found it difficult to deny her.


The worst day ever came, when their father was tricked into a battle, tortured, and murdered by a Master Vampire. Their mother never really recovered from it, but stayed in the world, surviving his death because of her love for Vlad and Doxie. But Vlad had to go and take their fathers place. So Doxie gave up her wild independence and promised her brother to care for their mother while he was away. Every day, Doxie pleaded with her mother to come around, to try and smile, doing things to try and bring that light back into her eyes once more. But she knew better. Doxie understood the bond between lifemates and prayed she would never know the pain of loss as her mother was suffering. She wanted to stay away from their homeland, in hopes it would keep her from that same fate.


But her mother wanted to return home. To her extended family. To the rich and luxurious soil that would cradle her and revive her strength. Doxie couldn't stop herself from agreeing. It was the first thing her mother had asked for in almost 100 years. She was leery of it, and afraid of being around their clan and near the Carpathians. It would be her first time there.


Once they returned to Romania, Doxie started having dreams. Not just any dreams. Of lonliness, of a male spirit calling to her, swamping her with need, to come to him, save him. Every night it was the same, to the point she believed she was infected with a mental disease. She was afraid to tell anyone, even her mother, too worried that they'd believe she was crazy. She couldn't even tell her brother when he called, afraid Vlad would rush home and try to find out who was in her mind.


Of course, Vlad wasn't fooled. He knew something was wrong with his sister. She was growing cold towards him, edgy, being gone more often when he tried to call and get news. So he left a message that he would be returning home, and that Doxie better have some answers for him. She couldn't do that though, and hugged her mother, leaving her in the care of her family members, before setting out. Her dreams were leading her, pulling her deeper into Romania, into the Carpathian Mountains and the stranger in her dreams.


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Species: Dimensional Slider 

Brief Bio: To say that Kyle has been places would be an understatement. He has befriended magical creatures, studied  aliens on several distant planets, watched bad movies on a satellite, and even been to places one cannot imagine. He can even shapeshift his form to better blend in with his surroundings. He doesn't usually talk much, and his helmet masks his emotions in his true form. Kyle always believes that a peaceful solution can be reached, but is not above simply pulling out his flintlock and blasting your head off if you peeve him too much! Quote:"... Impressive."


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