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Hello! We are a feral wolf pack that lives in a Wild West roleplay area.
Our pack has been around since 2013- (with some breaks in between).

We do realistic RP besides the fact that as wolves, we do "talk" to each other using RP tools.
(But we do not talk to humans)
We welcome all new members who wish to experience the pack life.
We accept wolf/dogs as well.

We are generally a very laid back pack, with just some basic rules. We do training for new and old players who need/want it. Training is done in hunting and fighting (even though we avoid fights, they do happen). Also if youre new to wolf roleplay, you can ask one of us to help you get started and if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask.

As for our pack, the ranks in our pack are Omega, Delta, Gamma, Shaman, Seer, Beta and Alpha.  All new members will go to the position of Omega until we have seen how they do in the pack. They will also have a few days of trial membership at first. We had many who joined and disappeared two days later without a word, so the trial is to make sure that you can test the pac k life and see if it works for you, before joining officially.

More info about the pack and our rank systems you can ask from one of us. We are open for members all the time.

NOTICE! We accept all kinds of avatars except for magical ones, non-realistic colors or giant avatars (Dire size or bigger) . Most of our pack members sizes go (For TWI mesh avatar) :
<- 1 yr old = Normal size
2 -> yr old = Biggest size

If you are interested in joining the pack you can IM me inworld.

It would also be preferable for members to have Discord as we use that OOC
or when some of the admins cant be online.

Thank you for reading and see you soon I hope ^, ...,^


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Hey, I'm new to Second Life, I just joined, like, one or two days ago, and I joined ONLY for feral roleplays. But I'm having a lot of trouble, since this whole "destinations thing" is kinda confusing. I've already bought a feral fennec avatar, but I can get a wolf avatar no problem, if it's required, sure. And I have Discord. My question is: HOW do I find you? How do I find the "Wild West" role-play area? It's all been so confusing figuring out how to go places and such. I'd be really happy to join. But do you think you could help me out somehow?

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Trying to lift this topic back to the front page. We are still open for new members ^^

Contact me or Saara Christenson inworld to join or if you have any questions.

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