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I am currently looking for a job that is based solely on salaries...

Currently, I am working as a DJ in 2 clubs but it is not sustaining me since it is tipped based job so I don't gain much money.

I am....
☑ Friendly
☑ Works professionally
☑ And willing to learn

What can I do?

Manager esp in clubs

- I have a background of being a manager since I used to own and co-own clubs where I also became a Manager.

  Model / Stand Model

- I don't really have an experience in that department but I got to be in blogger's photos before, I used to do blogging on my own and I also do photography, I know they are different but at least it is still in the modeling category....I think lol. Even though I don't have any experience in that part I would love to learn more so I am pretty open to learning or just give me a rundown on what to do as well as the information that I need to know. In terms of appearance, I can change how I look depends on what the owners like. I also use all Mesh.

I have a Flickr if you are interested in what I look like as well as my photos:

More on what I can do but this is more on the Tip based jobs. I just thought of putting it in here too. 

Besides being a DJ I can do these things as well:


  Club Security 

I am also open to other jobs, I want to widen my horizons so please feel free! 

If you are interested in me just search my name inworld and just message me or reply here.

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