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Seeking Experienced and Dedicated Fantasy Role-Players!

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Aesling Spire is seeking experienced and dedicated role-players! 

" In the far North of Mundus sits a fortress atop a grand mountain. Within this fortress are all manner of beast, man, elf, dwarf, gobli, greenskins and fae, all gathered together for the purpose of conquest under Uhtred Ragnison, chosen of the Dark Gods. Those who dwell here either serve by allegiance, or by force... which will you become? "

Aesling Spire is a brand new role-play sim set in the Warhammer universe with a grim, chapter-based roleplay story to build off from. They are recruiting all those who seek adventure and the thrill of immersive role-play in a unique fantasy setting! 

Aesling also desperately needs male role-players! If you like war and fighting role-play, Aesling has something for you!

Stop by and immerse yourself in the deep and exciting storytelling experience that Aesling has to offer!

Contact: Uthred Ragnison (asavarkull), Raven (Mizzeyra), OR Jeihlynn Tau Fett (Jeihlynn) for more information! Tell em' Isthraelyn sent you!


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