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Skin Weight and Subset Material issues

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I've been pulling my hair out for days now over this. I've tried to rig created clothing made through blender into SL, and in blender it works perfectly. The weights work, the mesh doesn't deform and there don't appear to be any issues. When it comes to uploading I can either get it to rarely upload with no skin weights at all or subset issue, or I can get it to upload by removing excess bones, however subset error is usually present, and if not, the mesh is terribly deformed. I have tried applying scale, rotation and location, tried uploading as OBJ, downloading as Collada and then reweighting it. I have tried changing my upload settings, using different viewers and at this point I'm considering contacting a priest to see if divine intervention can help. Any advice, tips, help or even reassurance that it'll all be over soon would be appreciated at this point. Thanks.

Image 1.png

Image 2.png

Image 3.png

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On 10/19/2018 at 5:03 PM, Echopone said:

I can get it to upload by removing excess bones

I'm not a Blender user so I can't really offer much guidance on the workflow required when exporting rigged mesh from Blender to SL or what may be going wrong in your case, but as for this particular issue it's worth bearing in mind that the maximum number of bones a mesh can be rigged to is 110 while the total number of bones in the SL bento rig is 159, so you will need to remove unused bones before trying to export and upload your .DAE file.

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On 11/29/2018 at 7:16 AM, HeatherD Tungsten said:

I had this same problem after I let BLENDER upgrade.  I had to go back to version 2.76.  After that, I no longer had any problems.


Yeah a friend reported me they had issues with the standard exporter after switching to the beta version of Blender.

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