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Playa Islands Naturist Community Island Parcels For Rent - 18th Oct 2018

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Teleport to our office here: Cale Estate Playa Island Rental Office and Payment Area

Playa Islands Naturist Community by Cale Estates! Value priced luxury land!!! Clothing is optional and all Sims are Naturist.   Sailing across 48+ Sims and adding several more!  Some parcels are decorated and you have the option of keeping or returning the items, you can also move them! All land is on the waterfront with a small yacht and dock, rezzable row boat, paddle boat and seating, keep these items or return them to rez yours. All land is residential and light commercial (except the Tiki Huts) in the sky above 2000 meters, move your small store or hangout here and save money! We can custom a certain number of prims and land size to your preference, just ask! We also have commercial land to build your business on the ground. Surfing and jet ski ramps also! .... So Come join the fun!

Get 1 week FREE when you refer a friend who pays 4 weeks, and also when you pay 12 weeks. What a deal! So bring your friends and get free rent!

All land includes a prim bonus.  All land is waterfront and includes sailing across many Sims.  Prices vary based on the type of sim since there are 3 types of Sims at Playa Islands: Homesteads, Full Sims, Upgraded Sims.  We offer the best prices of any Sailing Sims

Homesteads and Full Sims have the same land mass, both of them have 65,536 square meters. They differ in cost per prim, and homesteads have some restrictions imposed by Linden Labs.
     HOMESTEADS (5000 Prims) - (More Land: 1.83L$/prim/week on average)
     FULL SIMS (30,000 Prims) - (Best Value: .80L$/prim/week on average)
     FULL SIMS (20,000 Prims)  - (Good Deal  .83L$/prim/week on average)

Playa Del Sol Marina Boat Slips
Need a Boat Slip?

Playa Island Marina

Large Tiki - Residential Only(These have full parcel privacy.) 
Playa Islands Copacabana 870p 1200L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands Copacabana 805p 1200L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands Azul  768p 1200L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Small Tiki - Residential Only (These have full parcel privacy.)
Playa Islands Copacabana 295p 799L$wk Sailing Beach Adult


Playa de ArenaCay- Residential/Commercial
Playa Islands ArenaCay 10784m 6984p 5595/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands ArenaCay 8048m 5213p 4178L/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands ArenaCay 5616m 3637p 2918Lwk Sailing Adult Beach

Playa del Cafeina - Residential/Commercial
Playa Islands Cafeina 3040m 1430p 1192$L/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa De Fantasia - Residential/Commercial 
Playa Islands Fantasia 3520m 2417prims 1942Lwk Sail Beach Adult 

Playa dela Familia - Residential/Commercial
Playa Islands Familia 5808m 3455p 2771L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa del Hermosa - Residential/Light Commercial 
Playa Islands Hermosa 8448m 5994prims 4804L$wk Sailing Beach 

Playa Islands Hermosa 4144m 2939p 2360L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands Hermosa 3504m 2486p 1998L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa de Montana - Residential/Commercial 
Playa Islands Montana 5792m 3947p 3166L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands Montana 4208m 2868p 2302/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa de Papayas - Residential/Commercial 
Playa Islands Papayas 3312m 2395p 1916/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa Del Reina - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Reina 3344m 2127p 1710L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa dela Seduccion - Residential/Commercial
Playa Islands Seduccion 4400m 2558p 2054/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa Enla Costa - Residential/Commercial (New Sim) 
Playa Islands Costa 11600m 8326p 6670L/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands Costa 4256m 3054p 2452L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult  

HOMESTEADS - Residential/Light Commercial in the sky 
(Max of 25 visitors/sim)

Bath Bay -  Residential Only
Playa Islands Bath Bay 6256m 2147p 2791L/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa Del Agua - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Agua 6688m 791p 1448L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa del Amor - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Amor 11232m 1284p 2350L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands Amor 10800m 1235p 2260L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa De Blanco - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Blanco 6896m 721p 1319L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult
Playa Islands Blanco 6032m 630p 1153L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa de Champagne - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Champagne 6704m 790p 1446L/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa Exotica - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Exotica 2336m 306p 803L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa De Palmas - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Palmas 8816m 1337p 2447L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa De Princesa - Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Princesa 11648m 1248p 2284Lwk Sailing Beach Adult

Playa de Sanibel -Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Sanibel 4448m 1187p 2172L$/wk Sailing Beach Adult

Sarasota Bay -Residential/Light Commercial
Playa Islands Sarasota 6384m 1364p 2496L/wk Sailing Beach Adult

1. To see the parcels please teleport to our office HERE
Contact any one of our staff below and they will guide you through the land and rental procedure.
3. Alternatively, you may explore the parcels. Look for parcels with signs as the picture below. Buy the land for L$1. Then pay the weekly tier to the Sea Turtle next to the sign.


We have a full-service team for the different time zone to provide you great service.
To rent please please visit our office and take to our sales representative. 

Teleport to our office here: Cale Estate Playa Island Rental Office
For viewing, please contact anyone of our duty staffs below:

Vega Janic (Sales Manager) 
Alameda35 Resident (Sales Associate)
scrbsprite32757 Resident (Sales Associate)\

Playa Islands - Land Rental Office and Furniture Store
Bonus free items from my store!!!  

Please contact Coffee Cale for anything at all!!!!

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