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Oona Sharple

Buddha Kami & Dark Fae Ball Festival 2018

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Dis weekend at Buddha ! ▧ ▨ .•*✿
✔All day event frae Saturday 20th ! ✔
 2 whole days frae 12pm tae 12am !
 ♫ Different genre Djs frae all around th world :)
Dis weekend is uir annual Kami & Dark Fae Ball Festival!
☺ Everywan is welcome !☺
❀ Ye ur Kami, ❀
    ❀ Oonagh is Kami ... ❀
    Steampunk costumes ur encouraged !
 ☊ http://streams.virtualclubbinglife.com:8776/deejay
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle de Papillons/232/24/2488

Buddha Kami & Dark Fae Ball Festival Flier.png

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