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I can log in, stand for a few minutes then crash.  What changed since yesterday?  I've tried several times today and always the same thing.  Help please.

(not really a newbie, played for a few  years, took a hiatus and came back)

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Lindal is saying this is likely a connection issue. And the connection is the thing most likely to have changed since yesterday, OP time.

The usual server update to the main channel did not happen. So, the majority (like 80%) of servers did not change this last Tuesday. RC channels only changed Wednesday.

Routers come under attack, suffer electrical spikes, and often have a problem with their parent ISP. Eliminate those issues with a modem/gateway/router restart or reset.

Computers often get confused from a myriad of triggers. So, a basic troubleshooting step is a reboot.

Individual regions/servers in the SL system often have problems. So, change your login region.

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