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Top Ten Sex Destinations in Second Life

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Popular as in if it is an AFK location, the majority of traffic are AFK agents. If it isn't an AFK location, the majority of traffic just stand around for hours, doing nothing, saying nothing.

Sex in SL is a joke until we get animation reform, specifically the ability to add/override IK's with any animation(s).

Until then, it is static, poke-through, miscue, air-grabbing/holding/humping at best.

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11 hours ago, carolinestravels said:

Here a list of the sex regions which have currently the most traffic. With descriptions and explicit pictures.

[NSFW] https://jessicainsecondlife.com/2018/10/14/top-10-most-popular-sex-places-in-second-life/

What is your favorite sex region and why?

New Home of Misogyne Club, Belisario Isle (122, 92, 22) - Adult and Nionlight public ***** house, Raindown (238, 24, 691) - Adult and Tuscany swings, Pandoras Evil Box (219, 33, 57) - Adult well so many  nice  places :)

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