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firestorm new release 64bit

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21 hours ago, CandyxHaven said:

i am constantly crashing on this version i cant seem to stay on long enough to do anything .. do i need to go back to 32bit?

Do a full uninstall of your current installed version.  Here is the link to the Windows downloads - just pick the one  you want:  http://www.firestormviewer.org/windows/


ETA:  I read the OP as "I want to go back to 32bit"  - oops

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The Unreal Engine 4 benchmark "Valley" is a good system and graphics test. It's a stress test for graphics hardware.It's a 5 year old benchmark, so it doesn't require extreme hardware. It demands far more from the GPU and system than SL does. Let it run for a while, like an hour. If there are no problems, your GPU is working fine and your whole system probably is.

It's pretty, too. It displays a large and beautiful outdoor world, equivalent to 1024 SL sims. By default you're shown a standard tour, but you can take over control and walk around.

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Candy, to give you sensible advice we need you to post details of your system...OS (64 bit windows 7/10?)  also the amount of RAM (you need at least 8GB these days and preferably more.

With that information we can more easily advise you, though the inworld Firestorm Support English group (assuming your native language IS English) should be your first priority.

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