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Ishtara Nyn

Horror Photography Contest! Win 4,000L

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Hello all!

I am holding a photography competition for my new sim, Cabin in the Woods.

Rules: There are none! 

You can take a scenic photo of the sim or creating a creepy, daring scene with your avatar. You may edit them or not, entirely up to you!

Once you take the photo send it to Ishtara Nyn with a caption for the photograph and your name.

Winner will be announced on the 15th and will get 4,000L!

Hope to see some spooky pictures.



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Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! The winner was thefairanne with her beautiful picture, "She beckons." Her picture will be placed in  my profile until next months "themed" photo contest! Hope to see you all again and thank you :)

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