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Morgana Hilra

Did they leave a mark?

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In second life, we all have likely come across someone that "touched our lives" in one way or another.

Be it a chance meeting, or a person you considered a friend and they just disappeared suddenly. 

Or maybe you were friends and had a falling out.

Has this ever happened to you? (pointing to the reader).

Mine was Shawn McDonnagh. The one person in SL I will never forget because of the lasting impression they made.

Maybe one day he may see this, and message me. Or take out a stalking order on me. JK! geez, how many of you actually groaned at that?


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mad*dy*y [Redacted]. (Because forum rules)

Massive rip-off artist I got tangled up with back in 2006. Hopefully, he's not even still around. He used to run this business of "SL Books" - books you read in-world using one of those old in-world magazine publishers, etc.

At the time I worked for a B2B training company and we trained on how best to run s business profitably and keep quality customers coming back. So I applied a lot of that information toward SL and wrote a book. This is all before RL self-publishing, so I created the book in-world and old madddyyy talked me into "partnering' with him to sell it in his bookstore (which sold a lot of really crappy books LOL)

So I did. Though I never got the commission that he owed me (actually: ZERO). Then a few months later he closed that place up, bought a new place on the "new" Sansara continent and created a book "mall". Sure enough, there was my book, front-and-center (I think it was a best seller at the time). I have suspected that it was the same with any other authors. And the rest were blatant web-page copy/paste scenarios. Which should have been a red flag to me, but I was still pretty naive.

Well, now here we are 10 years later after that and I've learned a lot of things since then. But I will never forget madddyyy and every once in a while I like to think to myself "I hope he's dead and died and really slow, painful death".

That's the one who made an impression on me. 😕

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12 hours ago, Alyona Su said:

[Redacted]. (Because forum rules)😕

It's very easy to find this person inworld given the bit of name you left in plus details of their activities.  He does seem to have been inactive for a while but it's probably still safer to anonymise his name.

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