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Alexa Linden

Marketplace updates - Wishlists and Favorite Sellers!

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25 minutes ago, Fionalein said:

One thing MP is missing is anonymous reviews, I do not think everyone should know what I was buying so some stuff gets no review.

I agree with this, but in the case of maybe just rating it, I do not think that not being able to star items without words and name is the only way a store should earn a good review. If you purchased it, you should be able to choose which way to review it. I would rate everything if I could just rate things.

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On 10/11/2018 at 3:14 AM, Alexa Linden said:

Happy Wednesday!  In case you missed it, we just deployed two great new features in Marketplace - Wishlists and Favorite Sellers

Two really useful additions. Thank you and well done!

Now just the ability for buyers (searchers) to blacklist stores from the search results and we're all set.

Edited by Candice LittleBoots
p.s. plus the ability to list more than 2 reviews at a time.

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