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Chriz Collins

Searching Custom Animation-Work(urgent call)

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I do search to an anmation creator

I am an Conductor and need an hud for orchester and his musicians.


the conductor : shoudt be able to do 3 different moves while conducting :
   rythmic 4/4 bars and 3/4 bars ad 2/4 bars.....
.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moB5HzHjXK4...described in video the moves.

also he shoudt be able to bound forwards ,to left and right side to mark or show with hands to musicians.

he shoudt be able to turn arround and bound over to listerners to take the applause.

he shoudt be able to conduct low and forte..that mean piano(low) and forte (loud)

the speed isnt as important.........the dances in sl are also not into special speeds but you can notice what is an slow dance and an quick one. Same moves i exspect in conductor.

I want the conductor can let stand all the musicians.

<the play moves of the musicians are still in the instruments..perhaps they can use them<

i liked to have for each musician an ball or an stand or chair what is connected to the conductor hud.

its enough when they show just the moves on playing the instrument..no different animations needed. just play and stop.



i do search now really long time to find someone and i am willing to pay you good for your time.

my inworld name is Chriz Collins .

I woudt appriciate any help..perhaps if you not can do yourself you have an friend what coudt do such:)


Chriz Collins

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