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Victoria Chung

6,999 L$ Weekly Homesteads With Estate Manager Rights (Parcels also available)

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Looking for land for your business or simply a place to call home? Look no more! Victoria Chung Estates provides a wide range of sims to choose from. Check out the details below.

• No premium account needed 
• 24/7 Professional Land Management 
• Residential/Commercial 
• Full Estate Manager Rights 
• Region Ban, Terraforming, Texture Changes, Environment Settings, Change Sim Rating
• Sim Restarts 
• Stand Alone-Total Privacy 
• Sim Design (Optional) 
• Largest Private Estate in SL

Full Regions:  

Price: 15,299 L$/Week
Prims : 20000
Area : 65536 Sq.M

Price: 17,299 L$/Week
Prims : 30000
Area : 65536 Sq.M


To see a complete list of our available sims:
- Visit my store on Anshex.com or drop by at my office in Ponte de Lima




Get a chance to win 10,000L$ worth of free rent weekly by joining our raffle. PM me for details.


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