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Hello there Second Lifers 
First I want to say sorry because what you gonna read might be gramatically so screwed up. As long you understand it's okay, I hope...
I'm a new player, started to play a week ago. Before anything you should read my profile, specifically the "Thought" part.
I'm doing this post because somebody in-game suggested me.
As the title say I'm offering as a dancer in any kind of club/bar.
My schedules are very flexible, however I'm a person that tend to be much AFK.
Not really looking for a fix "salary" nor anything like that. (not sure how's named here). 
Here are some screenshoots, so you can see what you might be missing out.  :P


That's all, for now. Have a great day.



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Here's what we offer...


★ 90% commission on dancing and escorting
★ No adboard requirement 
★ No hourly minimum 
★ No stage calls 
★ No price requirements  
★ No applications

Here's what we are looking for... 

★ Experienced entertainers  
★ Ability to verify yourself 
★ updated fully mesh avatars

Still interested in applying? Send a notecard requesting an interview to autumnrose1128 resident and you'll be contacted ASAP!


Visit us here... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whole%20New%20World/93/55/21 

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