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tier payment


I jut recently purchased, a private region.  I however, do not see where I pay the next month tier, or if i can pay it early?

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Go to your dashboard at secondlife.com >> Land Manager >> My Regions.  You'll see your new region listed there.  Double click on it to see the details.

EDIT: Oh, and no, you cannot prepay, but ....  when your land fees are due, LL will first use any USD balance that you have in your account already, and then they will charge the rest to your payment method (PayPal or credit card).  So, you can sort of prepay by keeping a USD balance in your account if you really want to.  Most people probably won't choose to do that, but it works.  If you earn L$ in world and sell them, the proceeds are paid out in USD and stored in your account.  Also, if you offer to buy L$ on the LindeX at a ridiculously low price -- so that you are guaranteed that nobody will agree to sell to you -- you can then cancel the offer, thus putting the cash into your USD balance.

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