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How many people use SL (as of October 2018)?

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joined SL in 2005 

back when there was just mainland....

the world itself feels a lot quieter with groups on islands and mainland with all its abandoned land 

sadly I can't see SL being around forever but it will be sad when they do close the doors 



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People talking about traffic bots.. do you not remember when almost every business back in the day had campers? Even my tiny little beach bar I put a guitar case camper out, and every single day someone would find it and stay for hours. Those things were everywhere 2007-2010 era. people made alts to sit on them 24/7 to make that 10L an hour or whatever it was. It was so widespread, I'm pretty sure it far surpassed the traffic bots of today. It was rare you'd ever see  a business without 2-20 of them.

So while traffic bots definitely do make an impact on the total online, only maybe 5% of businesses use them. 10% tops.

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On 5/29/2019 at 11:18 AM, Adriana Ulich said:

I think @WinTrain hit it pretty close.  SL used to be much more active, more social, and more crowded back in the old days.  I believe one of the reasons that it felt even more crowded was because it was much smaller.  Most of the big stores, clubs, and attractions were on the mainland and most private islands were just broken down into parcels for private housing.

One of the other factors that really hurt was banning gambling.  Poker and slots used to be absolutely huge and was even more popular than sex.  I personally knew a ton of people that left during that time.

There were always some traffic driving bots or alts, but it was limited.  I left for a few years and came back to AFK places being at the top of all traffic lists.  It took me a while to figure out what their purpose even was.

I'd say that even though the stats show a relatively slow decline in numbers, the actual figures are much more drastic.

The number of actual, participating, unique accounts logged in at any one time is nowhere close to where it used to be.

On a side note, has anyone actually seen any kind of advertisement for SL, at all?  I spend most of my day and night on the web and don't recall seeing anything about SL for years.  It's really hard to get people to join if nobody even knows it exists.


They can't just advertise SL that easily cause it's a sex place really. They merged the teen grid with adult grid too which makes it worse.

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