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Warryn Aries

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Mainland High School is a role-playing school.. wanting teachers that can bring creativity but must be hard-workers and dedicated. Same goes for the Secretary position you must be extremely organized and willing to work! This school is growing in students and we want an excellent staff! Do you want to have fun and role-play the teenagers do and we are willing to let them have fun! So if interested please contact Warryn Aries in world for an application!!! :smileywink:

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Hello Warryn,

I teach drama. I did so in  Real life ( 15 years). Been acting in sl now for  over a year. I could teach the students confidence as well. And how to drive their avatars better.

Let me know if you are interested. I can only teach late after noon and evening classes since I live in Australia but am American.

Thanks so much. I have included my sl acting resume.

Kit Guardian

Second Life Biography

Founder and Director of KG Shine Productions


An Evening of Dance of the Eras Impressionist Hall, KG Shine Production,  March 2010

Wizard of the North Impressionist Hall, KG Shine Productions, June 2010. Roles: Daniel, Priest

Wizard of the north Act II   Impressionist Hall and Shine Theater and Main Lobby of Kit and Circles Chateau, Indigo, Second Life. Writer, Director, actor, Producer, Art Director , KG Shine Productions,  October 2010.  Roles: Great Aunt, Elizabeth (Daniels Dead Mother), Margaret Fox, Mrs. Hayden, Narrator, Christian Woman, Mrs. Ward Chaney, Mrs. Bancroft, Narrator, Kitty (Assistant to the Wizard)

Letting Go, writer, reading for Running Lady Productions

One woman show for Burning Life, six Monologues from Different eras

A Christmas Carol, Impressionist Hall, Director and acted all roles accept Scrooge. Adaptation by Doc Mc Masters


Short Film; An Art Form is Born, Winner in UWA Film Competition, roles: Boy, woman in Black and White, Three women:  in Show Girl costume,  Burlesque costume , and  girl on Merry go round. Director Tutsy Navarantha   August 2010

Feature Film Version of Wizard of the North, Filmed by al Peretz, December 2010

Cruise Control, Girl on Roller Skates, Opener for 48 Hour Film  Project , Director Suzy Yue of Running Lady Productions

 Grace 101, Bakery Films, January 2011 to present

Role: Grace, Production assistant, writer Musetta ... Machinima Director   Flimsey Footnote

Short Film Light Casualties, Written by Doc McMasters (currently in Production) Roles: Female undercover Cop, Director, with Machinima Director Fidel

Short film, Unplugged, Role: Voice Over work only  as Narrator, Prostitutes 1 and 2.    written and Directed by Al Peretz



The 1St Question, treet tv. Host Pooky Amsterdam March 2010

The Really Desperate Housewives of Beaver Ridge, sl Television series by Lucy Eberhart and Marcy Thorn for metaverse television Role: Beaulah follsum Sweeney Breeckenridge July 2010 to Present

2 Be Witched, TV PILOT, Writer, Director, actress, Producer ( in rehearsal stages) with Machinima Director Laslo. Roles: Samantha, Eddie, Samatha as a Groupie March 2011 to Present


Wizard of the North , Wizard of the north Act II,  Letting GoFrontier

Assistant translator

The Shadows, Translated script to proper English, Writer, Michin Imatrix 48 hour film project 2010

Unplugged, Translating to Proper English, UWA Film Competition


Modern Machinima Aesthetics and Practice by Sonicity Fitzroy/ Dr. Phylis Johnson : Quoted in RL book

Scruplz SL Magazine , Interviewed 


Feature film Teaser for RL, Frontier, Writer, lead Girl avatar

Imagine, SL Magazine, New Theater writer

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4533 days.

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